Combating the Causes Of Hair Loss

Written by Admin on December 3rd, 2009

losing hair is mostly seen in aging people and if it is seen in young people it is an issue to be taken care of. If a person is undergoing an illness or if there is a lack of proper nutrition then a person is likely to lose hair. There are many other reasons for Hair Loss.

Hair is made of protein. Most of us lose more than 50 hairs a day but the hairs again grow in that follicle. It is a normal condition seen in almost everybody. Some kinds of illnesses interfere with the production of hair. Some medications and some kinds of skin diseases also cause hair loss. If you hair is chemically treated then there is scope for hair loss. It means that some kinds of hair dyes contain strong chemicals and they damage the hair. Pulling the hair to stylize it also results in hair loss.

One more reason for loss of hair  is poor eating habits. If the body doesn’t get enough vitamins and minerals to maintain hair then you are likely to lose hair. Even iron deficiency can cause hair loss. Other reason for hair loss is disturbance in the hair growth cycle. Some women lose hair after delivery of a baby.

Eating a good diet might help. Say good bye to hair dyes and styling irons. Keep away from alcohol and smoking, both of which can damage the hair. Try to avoid stressful situations and anxiety. Stress and worry are unseen factors that can slowly deteriorate you health and cause hair loss.

So, in order to combat hair loss you need to have a good lifestyle and some good habits. Eating good food, having enough sleep and staying away from chemical hair dyes- all these help in preventing hair loss now.