Baldness Problem In Men

Written by Admin on May 26th, 2010

Most of the baldness problem is due to hereditary. To stop this Mens hair problem it is necessary to realize the root cause for baldness. With out a good understanding about the root cause it is not easy to prevent or to treat it. Unique causes are common in men.Certain prescription drugs have been manufactured such as finasteride to help men grow their hair back and stop hair loss but it has many side effects. Sexual side effects are the most experienced side effects from these drugs as well as headache, fatigue, and muscle soreness. So how do you stop male hair loss if you cannot afford to spend money on expensive hair treatments such as hair transplants and medications.

Statistics show that at least 60% of males will lose some hair by age 40. Do you want to be another statistic, or would you rather apply some easy-to-follow methods that will allow for the renewed growth of your hair? Of course you would, and it’s easier than you may realize.Most men start to get things like receding hairlines and various other types of hair loss conditions simply because of a lack of blood flow, or either they have a build up of DHT in their body and on their scalp. DHT is the hormone that’s converted from an enzyme in the male body called 5 alpha-reductase.

It is excess ESTROGEN that causes the OVERproduction of DHT. This is the major problem with hair loss. Most people for some reason think its too much testosterone, but it isn’t true in the slightest. In fact, when you look at the fact that most 50 year old men have higher levels of estrogen than women of the same age, you can see the connection.The problem with the majority of women is that their bodies produce an excess of a hormone known as “DHT”. This is a hormone that is produced when we are stressed and if you don’t have enough of a certain type of nutrient in your body; and it is responsible for limiting hair growth and making hair follicles dormant. Essentially, this hormone is like a type of suppressant and makes the hair follicles on your head go “dormant.

The reason why you’re experiencing loss of hair is simply because this hormone has embedded itself inside the follicles on your head, making them unable to grow any hair. This process has not killed or destroyed the hair follicles, but has simply “sent them to sleep”. The official terminology is that DHT makes the hair follicles “dormant”, leading to the falling-out of any hair that is inside them, and the shutting-down of any further hair production.One great product currently on the market that you may have heard of is called rogaine. This is an extremely popular hair loss product with a great reputation for restoring the hair on your scalp so you no longer have to live in agony or in search of a hair loss solution that will work for you. Rogaine is a hair loss product which is essentially a lotion that you apply to your scalp regularly. Another product to treat your hair loss is called advecia, an all-natural hair loss solution that has been proven to work for hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.